Social Responsibility


“We take great pride in our manifesto, which encapsulates the values we share and the culture we foster within our company. Read our manifesto below!”


Ethical Compliance

  • We are committed to promoting the highest ethical scientific practice in both our clinical and preclinical research. In all our in vivo studies, we utilise the highest standards of animal welfare and proper implementation of the 3Rs (Reduction, Refinement and Replacement). We aim to have transparency at all levels and replacement with human tissue models where possible.
  • We conduct all our research in compliance with SI 543, the European Union Protection of Animals used for Scientific Purposes Regulations 2012. All research conducted by us and any facilities we use during these processes always meet and often exceed the requirements put in place by this act.
  • As we are based in Trinity College Dublin all studies and research procedures that require the use of animals are monitored by the institute’s designated veterinarians and reviewed both internally by the TCD Animal Welfare Body and externally by the Health Products Regulatory Authority of Ireland.
  • In our clinical research, all our studies are reviewed by the TCD Ethics Committee as well as the ethics committees in our partnering hospitals. Our clinical biomarker studies are carried out by specially trained staff and our studies incorporate patient-informed design to address family needs.

All Our Research Studies Embrace The 3R’s Graphic


    Replacement with non-animal alternatives whenever possible

    Reduction of animal numbers used through precision in experimental design

    Refinement in study design to minimise potential distress and improve animal husbandry methods

Green Initiatives

At Ulysses, we are very mindful of the impact of research on the environment. Therefore, we aim to make sustainability a priority in our laboratory practices. To combat climate change and to protect our environment from further damage, we follow the Green Labs Guide from Trinity College Dublin’s Sustainability Initiatives. Additionally, we are proud to work in the My Green Lab certified facilities of Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience.