Enya Paschen, PhD

Behavioural Pharmacology / EEG Team Leader

Enya completed her studies in Biology with a focus on Neuroscience at Albert-Ludwigs University in Freiburg, Germany. Driven to develop new treatment strategies for intractable epilepsy, she dedicated her Ph.D. research to the physiological and behavioural implications of neuromodulation in experimental epilepsy at the Freiburg Medical Centre. In her preclinical research, Enya employed optogenetic techniques to map neural circuits in the diseased brain, advancing the development of deep brain stimulation protocols for chronic epilepsies. Her research incorporated intracranial EEG recordings, immunohistochemical and behavioural assays. These notable findings were published in renowned scientific journals. Her scientific interests focus on the preclinical investigation of innovative treatments for neurological disorders, with an emphasis on a translational and patient-centered approach.