Connor Maltby, PhD

Biomarker/Cell culture - Team Leader

Connor graduated with a B.Sc in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Southampton in the UK and stayed on to complete a Ph.D investigating how mRNA secondary structures control how and where they are translated into proteins in distal compartments of neuronal cell types. After a brief period working in the development of new and quicker testing methods for SARS-CoV2 (Covid-19), Connor moved to the University of Michigan in the US to undertake postdoctoral research in the field of genetically inherited forms of movement disorders, cerebellar ataxias, and intellectual disability. Connor’s postdoctoral work has focused on using and genetically manipulating human stem cell-derived neuronal cell types to identify and investigate the mechanisms contributing to neuronal dysfunction and toxicity in these genetically acquired disorders. Connor’s scientific interests revolve around identifying and validating new biomarkers, pharmacological targets, and genetic modifiers of rare neurological disorders in a translational and patient-centered manner.