Clare McGurk

Senior Research Assistant - Biomarker Team

Clare graduated from University College Dublin with a BSc (Hons) in Genetics. During her studies, she enjoyed taking both neuroscience and genetic modules, in particular those focused on human diseases. As a result, she chose a research project where she grew iPSC- derived cerebral organoids to model cocaine addiction while investigating the potential of psychedelics to reverse addiction. She especially enjoyed the data analysis during that project and also enjoyed completing bioinformatic analysis of unannotated MADS-Box genes in the Cannabis sativa genome during an internship. Clare also has experience working as a healthcare assistant in a nursing home and hospital, where she cared for patients with various neurodegenerative diseases. From seeing the challenges faced by patients and their families, she looks forward to assisting Ulysses in their research and mission of placing patients and families at the core of research.