Carolina De Pasquale

Clinical Lead and Patient Insight Manager / Head of Ulysses Neuroscience Italia

Carolina is a Clinical Lead and Patient Insight Manager at Ulysses Neuroscience Ltd. She currently serves as the Head of Ulysses Neuroscience Italia, where she brings her expertise in communication, research, and strategic partnerships to drive innovation in the field of drug discovery. With three years of industry experience, Carolina is dedicated to fostering collaboration and inclusivity in the drug discovery process. With a background in research and a strong passion for neuroscience and psychology, she brings a unique perspective to her role. Carolina holds a B.A. in Multimedia from Dublin Institute of Technology and pursued a Ph.D. in behavioural signal processing from the Technical University Dublin (TUD). Her research experience includes studying speech acoustic coordination in clinical settings to measure interpersonal rapport in psychotherapy. Prior to joining Ulysses Neuroscience, she worked in molecular neuroscience at Bianchi’s Lab. Carolina is dedicated to fostering collaboration in drug discovery, establishing strategic partnerships, and advocating for patient-centric approaches. Her expertise encompasses overseeing clinical studies, coordinating research initiatives, and managing patient and caregiver relations. With a focus on breaking down barriers and empowering patients, Carolina strives to create a collaborative and inclusive future in healthcare.