Carolina De Pasquale

Clinical Lead and Patient Insight Manager / Head of Ulysses Neuroscience Italia

Carolina began her academic career with a B.A in Multimedia at Dublin Institute of Technology before falling in love with research. She then pursued a PhD in behavioural signal processing at the Technical University Dublin (TUD). Carolina has worked on speech acoustic coordination in human-human interactions in clinical settings to measure interpersonal rapport in psychotherapy. She worked in Bianchi’s Lab in molecular neuroscience for two years prior to moving to Ulysses Neuroscience. Having developed a strong interest in neuroscience and psychology during her career so far and in her personal life, she has come to Ulysses Neuroscience as Patient Insight Manager and Research Associate. As Patient Insight Manager she is responsible for working on patient relations and creating opportunities for patients to express their priorities and needs, and for helping their communities to come together, working on advocacy and awareness alongside them.