Ulysses Neuroscience Ltd. 


Company Manifesto 

We are a diverse, passionate, and united collective of individuals.

We share a passion for the pursuit of knowledge. 

We collaborate to create a new way to do science. 

 We re-incorporate humanity into our research: we put patient needs foremost at the heart of research and drug discovery. 

We move forward without fear of failure, but with open curiosity about the unknown and the ability to push beyond the realms of comfort in pursuit of better.

We build each other up to create a team that works on the basis of shared values. 

We value an environment of inclusivity, acceptance, and support. 

This mutual compassion and trust is shared with the community of patients to ensure they feel valued and feel they also have a voice in research. 

We strive to offer guidance, support and feedback – not judgement or prejudice. 

We recognize and value each individuals’ talents to further our collective growth. 

We foster a culture of care, collaboration, and creativity. 

We promote self-care for both colleagues and patients. 

We strive to ensure that each member’s individuality is valued and their voice is heard. 

We work together to create a relaxed atmosphere free of excessive pressure. 

We value direct, clear, constructive communication with one another. 

We feel a shared responsibility to recognise the needs of the patients and we challenge what it means to be a company in the pharmaceutical industry. 

We strive for the highest achievable quality of research. 

We accept the process of trying, failing, trying again, and failing better. 

We believe transparency, respect, compassion, and trust should be at the forefront of all we do. 

We oppose exclusion, discrimination and doing things the same old way. 

We cherish and share individual successes just as much as we share the accountability equally. 

We advocate for patients and their families, maintaining our core values of transparency, respect and compassion. 

We give voice, we do science, we listen, and we adapt our research to help patients. 

Together we redefine the way preclinical and clinical research is done. 

We cure where wanted, treat where needed, and seek to understand, always. 

Through our passion, motivation, and teamwork we will change the world.