Ulysses Neuroscience Ltd.’s strategic move to the newly built Pioneer Group life sciences facilities in Cherrywood (Dublin) has not only initiated a transformative phase of growth but has also opened doors to a new industry network that will prove to be fundamental for our future endeavors. This relocation, driven by our vision to be the vanguard CRO in neuroscience drug discovery, showcases the commitment of our dedicated staff and highlights the exceptional quality of our newly acquired facilities and laboratories.  Our new laboratories in Cherrywood are dedicated to perform and progress the company ex-vivo biomarker and in-vitro cell cultures operations. Ulysses Neuroscience Ltd. new laboratories in Cherrywood are fully equipped for analysis of central and peripheral biomarkers related to neuroinflammation, synaptic plasticity and cytoskeleton integrity. The Ulysses team has now collected significant data and performed several studies that clearly underline the importance of these biomarkers in psychiatric and rare CNS diseases in bridging preclinical and clinical research. The cutting-edge cell culture facilities in Cherrywood represent a novel added force to Ulysses Neuroscience ltd. driving the implementation of our in-vitro cell culture platform.

Maynooth University

Ulysses Neuroscience Ltd. has expanded to open new facilities at a second research site at Maynooth University, located 20km outside of Dublin. Maynooth University provides access to additional office space, laboratories, and independent animal facilities. Maynooth’s animal facilities contain state of the art equipment for stereotactic surgery and behavioural assays. Ulysses Maynooth specializes in electrophysiology combined with behaviour and neurochemistry. These facilities combined with our expertise allow us to carry out a unique mix of in-vivo electrophysiological and behavioural research.

Trinity College Dublin

Ulysses Neuroscience Ltd. has offices at the Trinity College Dublin – Institute of Neuroscience (TCIN). The company has dedicated offices and laboratories as well as access to animal facilities for rodent work. Ulysses Neuroscience Ltd. has main clinical collaborations with Tallaght University Hospital, St Patrick’s University Hospital, and St James’ Hospital, which houses a Clinical Neuroimaging facility (CAMI) and the Wellcome-Trust Health Research Board (HRB) Clinical Research Facility for clinical trials.