CDKL5 Family Day 2024

Ulysses Neuroscience is excited to host a Family Awareness Day for CDKL5 on June 22nd. This event reflects the company’s dedication to supporting families affected by this rare genetic disorder, which causes severe neurological and developmental challenges. The event will be held at the company headquarters  the Pioneer Life Sciences facility-Cherrywood, Building 10, Cherrywood business park.

The Family Awareness Day will bring together families, caregivers, researchers, and healthcare professionals to share knowledge, experiences, and resources. Attendees will benefit from keynote speeches by leading experts, offering the latest insights into research and therapeutic approaches for CDKL5. Interactive workshops will provide practical advice on managing daily challenges and accessing educational resources.

To ensure a memorable and enjoyable experience, the event will feature a variety of family-friendly activities. Art music therapy session will be available, offering therapeutic and creative outlets tailored to individuals with CDKL5. The day will encourage the fostering of camaraderie and mutual support among families and researchers alike.

Through this Family Awareness Day, Ulysses Neuroscience aims to raise awareness about CDKL5 and emphasize the importance of ongoing research and support for affected families. This event underscores their commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of those living with CDKL5, bringing hope, good news and solidarity to the community. The schedule for the day is available above, please email for more information.